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I have been exhibiting at the 2014 Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition

(53rd Annual Exhibition)

on July 4th, 5th and 6th @ Nathan Phillips Square. Booth: G27

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I have been exhibiting at the 2014 Queen West Art Crawl on Sept. 13th, 14th

@ Trinity Bellwoods Park. Booth: i18

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It is truly an honor to be selected as a recipient of 2014 Award of Distinction by
the Queen West Art Crawl and Artscape for my painting.

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I have been exhibiting at the 2013 Fine Art Work Selection of Art Exhibition for 20th Anniversary of Bank of China (Canada)

@ Montreal

I have been exhibiting at Canada Contemporary Arts Exchange (加拿大多倫多藝廊) on May 9-16 2015主頁/events-近期活動及預告/五月和風-聯展/

2016 全球华人美展    中国天津美术馆

The second Global Chinese Printing and Calligraphy Exhibition

Canada 150 Art & Heritage Connection Exhibition

Nov. 2017 三幅作品参加纪念加拿大建国150周年,加拿大画家作品展

照片中和AGO CEO安省美术馆长的合影

2017 11 11.JPG
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